Software media

  • Super – Convert videos (ex. FLV) (run with Sandboxie to avoid crap!!)
  • Avidemux (Windows, 2.5.6=VOB OK, 2.6=VOB KO) – Add external MP3 to video, rotate video or edit videos
  • MKVToolnix (Windows) – Modify default subtitle language fromf MKV files
  • Aegisub Portable Version – SRT editor with video preview, supports MP4+SRT
  • DVD Decrypter – Rip DVD, freeware (menu Mode+IFO, menu Tools+Settings+IFO Mode+File Splitting=None, menu File+Browse, tab Input+select all, press green arrow)(win7 OK, win8 not tested)
  • AnyDVD – Rip DVD, TRIAL 21 days (right click tray icon+rip DVD to HD)(win7 OK, win8 OK)
  • mp3DirectCut – Make MP3 smaller and edit MP3 tags (uncheck Keep ID3v2 tag on normal save)
  • mpTrim – Remove last seconds from MP3 (no shell integration)
  • REAPER – Music audio sequencer, runs after 60 days trial, import/export MP3/WAV
  • MuLab free – Music MIDI sequencer uses PC keyboard for MIDI-input, export WAV
  • WavePad – WAV-editor to create robot voice, 14 days trial
  • Audacity – WAV-editor
  • StereoMovie Maker – Create 3D anaglyph movies
  • AnaBuilder – Create 3D anaglyph photos (needs java)
  • Other anaglyph tools